Posted by: Paraic | July 25, 2008

Unfortunate Tagline

I picked up a free SearchMe T-shirt yesterday.  The tagline for the search engine on the back of the t-shirt was, “You’ll know it when you see it”. Unfortunately, this brought to mind for me the attempts of the US Supreme Court to arrive at a definition of obscenity and the quote, “I know it when I see it”. Uh, so exactly what kinds of information is this search engine helping me find?

On visiting the search engine at though, I learned two things:

1. This tagline no longer appears on the site, replaced by “Find. Organize. Share”.  I see from screenshots at an earlier review of the site though, that the tagline used to be there.  I can see why the original tagline seemed appropriate , since it bills itself as ‘visual search’, but I wonder if somebody copped on to the reference and decided it may not be the best tagline after all.

2. The SearchMe interface is really interesting.  I liked the visual navigation of result pages (though with the text list at the bottom rather than visual only).  I naturally used my mouse scroll wheel, though I found it scrolled the documents two-at-a-time, so resorted to using the keyboard arrow keys.  I was just using it in ‘test mode’ last night – I’ll need to go back there when I have actual searches to carry out and see how it really works (particularly the ‘categories’ it uses).  But the interface is interesting…. worth a look!


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