Posted by: Paraic | July 8, 2008

Yahoo! Exodus – Wow!

While I was reading about the Powerset acquisition over at Techcrunch, I also came across this list of employees who have left Yahoo! While it’s not so much the length of the list (Yahoo! is a big company), it’s the employees who have left most recently – over the past couple of months; June/July 2008 – that really astounded me; founders of Flickr and, Jeremy Zawodny (whose blog I’ve followed on and off for quite some time), Qi Lu, etc. – really significant. I know there’s a ton of coverage/debate of the whole Yahoo! Microsoft thing over at Techcrunch (among other places) and I’m not getting into that… to me this list gives me a better indication of what’s going on at Yahoo! than the media bluster – and it doesn’t look good.


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