Posted by: Paraic | July 8, 2008

Geeks and Shrinks

We’re recruiting for an IP Manager at the CNGL and it’s proving a tricky enough task. I’m reminded of a book I read some years ago, “The Future of Success” by Robert B. Reich (whence the title of this post). One of the things I took away from the book was the value of people who really understand technology, but also have a good appreciation for market needs, product design, etc. To quote from one of the Amazon reviews:

Reich develops great metaphors to describe working people in few words. One of them is the Geeks and the Shrinks. The Geeks are the ones who know how to gather and manipulate data so as to develop new products and services. The Shrinks are the ones who research and understand what consumers really want through market research, focus groups, and other tools. The Geeks and Shrinks are like the Yin and Yang of this new business world. They both need each other to create new markets of products and services.

It’s that Yin/Yang of Geek/Shrink that we’re looking for. Somebody who can really understand the technology and research being conducted at the Centre (Language Technologies, Digital Content Management, and Localisation) while also having an eye for what may be valuable in the market, worth protecting etc.

Of course we understand that this mix is fairly rare (particularly when you focus in on specific technologies). We’re taking the view that ‘more Geek’ is better in that somebody with the right technology background and desire for this kind of role can work into the role more easily than somebody who doesn’t think being called a ‘geek’ is a compliment!

If you think you know somebody who might fit the bill… send them our way!


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