Posted by: Paraic | July 6, 2008

So what’s this about then?

I’ve ‘lurked’ in the Blogoshpere for quite some time now.  I have a regular roster of blogs that I follow, many of which I’m sure I’ll refer to in future posts as I ‘join the conversation’.  I’ve often thought it was time to start a blog of my own at various points along the way but I never quite got to it.  I wondered if I had enough to say, or would post frequently, or whether anybody would care, the usual; …but now’s the time.  There is just so much going on, so much to comment on, and I think maybe I have something to contribute, maybe a different perspective.

I returned to Ireland at the end of February.  I had left in 1992 (I think).  Two years in Pittsburgh, PA followed by four years in Zurich, Switzerland followed then by ten years in Syracuse, NY.  Ireland sure has changed!

I’m a Computer Scientist, a Computational Linguist.  I had studied at Dublin City University and my time in Pittsburgh and Zurich was for postgraduate study and research.  My 10 years in Syracuse was at a small high-tech company called TextWise.  I’ve now returned to work at the Centre for Next Generation Localisation (CNGL), a 13-member research consortium centred at DCU (back where I started).

I’ll be sharing my experiences and opinions here.  What it’s like to be back in Ireland.  How the research landscape has changed here.  What’s it like inside the government’s strategy to build a ‘knowledge economy’?  We’ll see how it goes…


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